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Die Schülerinnen und Schüler Attikas demonstrieren an diesen ...
Gerichtsverfahren gegen 35 PAME-Mitglieder


Gerichtsverfahren gegen 35 PAME-Mitglieder
Die Kämpferische Arbeiterfront (PAME) verurteilt das erneute ...
Kämpferische Schülerdemo


Kämpferische Schülerdemo
Viele Schülerinnen und Schüler aus Athen und Piräus organisierten ...

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Communist Party of Greece
Central Committee
145 Leof.Irakliou GR 142 31 Nea Ionia-Athens
Tel: (+30) 210 2592111 Fax: (+30) 210 2592298
e-mail: e-mail: web:


KKE in the Greek Parliament
Greek Parliament- KKE
GR 100 21 Athens
Tel: (+30) 210 3708168, Fax: (+30)210 3707410

The members of the parliamentary group:

KOUTSOYMPAS Dimitris - GS of the KKE

PAPARIGA Aleka – Memebr of the CC of the KKE

GKIOKAS Yannis - lawyer, member of the CC of the KKE

VARDALIS Thanasis - Memebr of the CC of the KKE

DELIS Yannis - Teacher

KANELLI Liana - Journalist

KARATHANASOPOULOS Nikos - Economist, member of the CC of the KKE

KATSOTIS Christos - Hotel Employee, member of the CC of the KKE

LAMPROULIS Giorgos - Doctor

MANOLAKOU Diamando - Agronomist, member of the CC of the KKE

MORAITIS Nikos - Farmer

PAFILIS Thanasis - Member of the CC of the KKE, GS of the WPC

STERGIOU Kostas - Metalworker

SYNTYCHAKIS Manolis - Sociologist

TASSOS Stavros - Seismologist, President of the Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace

KKE in the European Parliament:
KKE Bruxelles:Rue Wiertz B1047 Bruxelles
Tel: (+322) 2842272,2842462, Fax: (+322) 2849163
Strasbourg:Palais de l'Europe, F 67006
Tel: (+3333) 88174464, 88174398, Fax: 88240186


The members of the European parliamentary group:
Communist Youth of Greece (KNE)
145 Leof.Irakliou GR 142 31 Nea Ionia-Athens
Tel: (+30) 210 2592111, Fax: (+30) 210 2592611
e-mail:  web:

"Rizospastis"(daily newspaper of the CC of KKE)>134, Lefkis str., GR 145 68 Kryoneri-Attici
Tel: (+30) 210 6297000, Fax: (+30)210 6297999
e-mail: int@rizospastis.grweb:


"Communist Review"
(theoretical review of the CC of KKE)
145 Leof.Irakliou 145
GR 142 31 Nea Ionia-Athens
Tel: (+30)210 2592237
e-mail:  web: http:/