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Photos / Videos 2013

[08.12.2014] Central political event for the 95th anniversary of the KKE in Athens

[4.12.2013] MAS

[04.12.2013] ΑΜΕΑ

[17.11.2013] The 40th anniversary of Athens Polytechnic uprising


[06.11.2013] The strike of the class-oriented forces was mass and dynamic


[15.10.2013] Anniversary event for the Liberation of Athens and the founding of EAM


[7.10.2013] Mass demostration of PAME: No fear, No illusions


[30.09.2013] European Communist Meeting 2013


[18 to 21.09.2013] 39th Festival KNE - Odigitis


[20.09.2013] Press statement on the meeting of the Editorial Board of the ICR


[12 to 14.09.2013] Thessaloniki, 39th Festival of KNE- Odigitis


[13.09.2013] Mass response to the fascists’ attack


Veranstaltungswochenende der KNE in Krefeld



  [17.07.2013] Strike organised by PAME in Greece - the beginning of a new struggles


[12.07.2013] Mass and combative demonstrations of PAME