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Statement on the developments in Syria – Condemnation of the military intervention of Turkey


In a statement regarding the developments in Syria the Press Office of the CC of the KKE condemns the military operation of Turkey on Syrian grounds, under the phony name "Olive Branch" and notes the following:

"The KKE condemns the military operation of Turkey on Syrian territory, under the phony name 'Olive Branch' that is continuing and 'sows' new sufferings for the Syrian people.

This operation comes after the effort of the USA to support militarily and politically the Kurds, in order to use them as a 'force of impact' in their plans, along with the so-called 'Democratic Syrian Forces', against the Assad government and its allies, such as Russia and Iran.

The capitalist class of Turkey, speaking about 'security issues' and 'threats to its national sovereignty' proceeded in an open military intervention aiming at enhancing with military means its political discourse (and that of its allies, such as Qatar) in the debates about the future of Syria, firing against Kurdish civilian population, even children.

Once again it is demonstrated that the defeat of the so-called 'Islamic State', supported, trained, and armed by the USA (or by their allies in the region), not only has not led to the end of the war in Syria, but it adds new heat, new aspects, since all the causes that led to the confrontations continue to exist and are none other but the antagonisms of powerful monopolies and imperialist powers for the control of energy resources, energy and commodity transport routes, for reshaping the market share.

The various 'peace' initiatives that have commenced, as has been demonstrated, seek a political settlement to the confrontation, without in fact resolving it. They promote solutions that are antiquated even for the bourgeois system, for example, the religious representation in the forthcoming system of a so called 'federal' Syria, that in reality will be a Syria divided in 'zones', in the logic of 'divide and conquer'.

The KKE expresses its solidarity with the people of Syria, that is facing imperialist interventions in its homeland, and calls upon the Syrian people to strengthen its struggle against imperialist plans and the causes that led to the bloodshed in Syria."