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A response to the false news of Spanish and other media

European and other media systematically attempt to deceive the working people in their countries, supporting the anti-popular policy of the social democratic government of SYRIZA with the nationalist party ANEL, by promoting the strategy of the European Union (EU) that serves the interests of capital, hiding the leading role of the KKE and PAME in struggles and distorting their positions.

What disturbs them is the constant action of communists, the class struggle in a clash with the forces of capital and their political representatives, in contrast with the forces of social democracy and opportunism.

A characteristic element of this misleading tactic is the Spanish media reports on the Panhellenic strike of May 30th that was organized against the new memorandum and the so-called “Mid-term Program” of the SYRIZA – ANEL government that includes new reductions in pensions and further limitation on the tax-free income of working people that will bring yet another assault on popular incomes.

Communists, the forces of PAME, in hundreds of unions, federations and labor centers, intervened decisively in factories, in workplaces, in sectors, clashing with state and employer terror, making a crucial contribution to the organization of the strike.

Strike May 30, Athens

The strike, especially in large workplaces, offers valuable experience. The vast participation for example in key factories and the universal participation in the ships, the port of Piraeus, the largest port in the country, as well as in the shipbuilding base in the city, demonstrate the power of the class struggle and forced the COSCO monopoly to make concessions.

Once again, the disgraceful stance of employer–government led trade unionism was confirmed, that of the Federations (GSSE – ADEDY) in the private and public sector where they undermined the strike. The role of the class forces, the forces of PAME was distinguished once again as thousands of men and women workers and employees rallied, in the strike mobilizations of Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra and dozens of other cities.

It is a huge lie which greatly exposes the media and the webpages that used it, mainly in Spain, stating that forces were brought in from other cities to reinforce the PAME rally in Athens. In Athens, the great demonstration of PAME was supported by workers’, popular forces of the city of Athens. In Piraeus, which is next to Athens, PAME organized a separate rally, which expressed solidarity to the striking dockworkers and shipyard workers.

To add to all of this, they kept out of the media the large mobilizations of PAME on June 14th outside of the Parliament and in dozens of cities on the day that the government’s anti-popular bill – a “supplementary memorandum” of the government with the EU and the IMF – was discussed, which once again proved its strategic partnership with the New Democracy party and the other bourgeois parties.

The KKE and the PAME continue their daily struggles in dozens of fronts of struggle and this is the best answer to the bourgeois and opportunist forces that use silencing, lies and distortion.