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The participation of the CP, Italy in the European Elections strengthens the common struggle against the imperialist EU and capitalism

In Italy, the Communist Party (CP) announced that the party managed to overcome the obstacles in order to participate in the European Elections. The reactionary law in Italy places obstacles in the way of parties that do not have parliamentary representation, requiring the collection of thousands of signatures (145,000), from all the regions of the country and with significant costs for the verification of their authenticity.

The CP (I), utilizing the possibility provided by the electoral law for it to participate in the elections with the support of a party which has elected MEPs, such as the KKE, submitted an application to take part in all the regions, without needing to collect signatures.

On the logo of the ballots of the CP, Italy there will also be, apart from its own logo, the electoral logo of the KKE, as well as that of the European Communist Initiative.

As is mentioned in the statement of the CP: "The CP won the official approval to participate in the European Elections in the entire territory of Italy. The ballot paper with the hammer and sickle will be present all over Italy. Our struggle against the EU will advance together with the CPs of Europe as a whole, in order to give a voice to the workers and popular strata. We vote for the Communist Party on the 26th of May."

The Italian comrades in a statement of the PB of the CC express their thanks for the gesture of the KKE, by providing them with its symbol, as a "demonstration of real internationalism" and note that "the participation in the European elections does not alter our opinion about the unchanged nature of the European Union and its Institutional Organs. As we did in the general elections of 2018, we will say clearly to the workers that a vote for the CP (I) is a vote to strengthen the historically important prospect of tearing down capitalist society and concentrating forces in the direction of constructing a socialist society."